Artist's Statement

I am passionately concerned about the degradation of the natural world due to exponential increases in the human population in recent history.

Our human activities -feeding, housing, travel, and business (the manufacture and transport of products for the market)- all of these activities encroach on the natural world.

Creatures from land and sea (too many to note here) show populations in serious decline as the human population increases.

The great cats -tigers, cheetah, leopards and lions- all are in critical decline. Three species of tiger have become extinct in the last sixty years (the Bali tiger in the 30s, the Caspian Tiger in the 70s and the Java Tiger in the 80s). The Amur Leopards have less than 40 individuals left on the planet. Cheetahs have lost 90% of their population in the last 100 years.

I paint them because they are beautiful and we are losing them. I want you to notice and to care.

Anne Pentland



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